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    Reputations – building, owning, renting property

    City Arenas

    Open World Arenas – those not affiliated with a city

    ranking – Seasons

    non-ranking – items do not drop



    Killer gets the loot

    Switch lock – only 3 toonz

    Item lock – no changing items mid-battle

    Working in teams

    Special events

    unlocking arenas


    The Beta version of Fantasy Toonz will consist of details.. adding options for video, sound and controls. Making sure all animations for the toonz are fluid, optimizing code to make game play as fast as possible, setting up the final versions of ranking and Ques. Beta will also be the beginning of our first season! Players will compete for in game items that will only be available in Beta with rewards in the form of Legendary items, Beta only pets and mounts, Permanent Item Tokens and more. Beta should only last a month at the most.


    The Fantasy Toonz stress test is part of the Beta version and will be available to a much broader audience as me test the servers to see how much they can take. Players that have Alpha and Beta access will have almost constant access to most of the game during this time. Players included to the stress test that do not have the Alpha or Beta Version will have limited windows in which to play the game during this time. The stress test is expected to last 2-4 weeks.


    I forgot to enter any info here.. send me a message to get it fixed!


    The Fantasy Toonz game release will be come in two parts. The first being a Headstart period of at least one week (maybe more, might want to add your input in Alpha!!) and the full game release. Headstart will begin with a reset of all servers and will include a period of 24 hours to allow you to set up your Toonz and get them prepared to play. Any item purchased from the store or given from the kickstarter rewards will be available at this point and all rewards for participating in Pre-Alpha, Alpha and Beta will be given out at this time. On the evening of the full release of the game we will be having a full blown release party and welcome everyone that has received an invitation! Get an invitation and join us at the party for all kinds of one of a kind and release party only prizes and rewards for use in-game and in real life.. just wait until you see what we have for our greatest fans that night! Total time for the full game release is expected to be six month to one year depending on how much funding we get.. the more funding we get the more people we can hire to complete the game and the faster the game will be ready to play.

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