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    Fantasy Toonz crafting is one of the deepest, most involved, advanced crafting systems out there. All items in the game (potions, food, weapons, armor, etc..) will be player created. These items can be sold in player stores. Even loot and Boss drops will all be player crafted items. Players will craft everything from common items all the way up to Legendary!
    The only items players cannot craft are artifacts. Every artifact in the game with have a mystery to solve in order to find it and a lot of work to overcome the challenge of obtaining it. Each artifact can only have one copy present in the game at a time. They will have limited uses and a timer that when it runs out of time makes the artifact become “lost” again. The timer will most likely be tied to the seasons or maybe every 4 months it will become “lost” again.

    Crafting consists of finding the recipe to an item, collecting or purchasing the resources to build it and finally constructing the items at the proper station.

    Crafting complex items has to be done at a shop such as a smithy while less complex items such as simple health potions can be crafted at home. The benefit of having shops such as an apothecary is to have a place where you can buy ingredients, recipes, pre-made potions, etc.. Shops have reduced times to create items because they are pros and are set up to do just that.

    Notice: After we hit the stretch goal for crafting we will update this page with much more information on our crafting system.

    Craft Everything


    One of the main issues most games with a crafting system have is the comparative strength between crafted items and found items. Fantasy Toonz has done away with that issue in that every item in the game can be crafted.

    That being said.. crafting isn’t something you do on the fly as you’re headed to your local arena. Crafting takes time.. melting down materials to get metal takes time.. and not the 10 second timer in most games. Turning metal into a sword takes time. A lot of time. not the 10 seconds it takes at the forge you put next to the bed in your makeshift hut you built in 3 seconds a few minutes ago. And moving that forge to another room you will spend 30 seconds constructing is not going to take the same amount of time it takes to click on it. It always bothered us that a home amateur crafting station can have the same output of a multi-million dollar factory with hundreds of workers! (ok, I’m exaggerating but you get my meaning.)

    When you build amateur crafting stations in your home you can craft small, amateur items. Your not going to craft the best looking sword in the game. Just like any other hobby you have to put in time, effort and money into creating a professional style craft station in your home. Otherwise you have to go to the local store to get the professional quality you need. That makes it kind of unfair for an amateur when a store owner can simply stock their shelves with a click of the button. We don’t like things being unfair.. if you own a store such as a smithy then it is going to take the same effort to create the items as it would any other person. Do you want to create more items in a faster amount of time to keep up with the supply your customers demand? Then you better hire more employees to create the items. You better purchase more materials to craft them out of. YOu better make time for these items to be made.

    When you pick up an item in an arena from a player you defeated we don’t want you to automatically look at that item as something to just destroy for the auras or spells. We want you to debate if it would be better for you to continue the progression of that item by adding another spell, more auras, etc.. Appreciate the effort that was put into making that item in the first place. I mean seriously.. what makes an item special if every joker in the game can make the same thing two minutes before their arena match? Not me.. and the best part of the “not me” statement i just made? I am the one who gets to decide! Haa haa haa!

    Crafting Mounts and Pets


    Mounts and pets that need to be crafted use auras for spells and to give them life. Be careful that they do not run out of auras or they might just break on you and then you will have to get them fixed.

    Mounts and pets that have spells or skills work the same way as an equippable item with a spell. You can make them stronger by combining more of the same kind of mount or pet, adding auras or adding spells.

    Mounts and pets cannot be dropped unless they are in play (summoned) or you are using them in combat. Legendary and Exclusive mounts and pets cannot be dropped.

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