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    Player Control


    Player controls can be changed in the options settings. The default controls may change depending on player requests in the forums. Any changes to the default controls is at the sole discretion of Fantasy Toonz.

    The basic commands consist of movement controls (AWSD), Toonz switching (Q&E), Inventory (I), Current spells (S), Equipment (P), Additional slots (Left ALT&Left CTRL), Crafting (C), Interact (F) and Map (M). More controls will be added as we include them.

    Quick slots (1 through 0) will be player assigned for items and spells. The three mouse buttons will auto fill with your weapons spells but can be changed at any time just like quick slots. This includes both ALT and CTRL mouse controls.

    Pets and Mounts


    Pets generally control their own movement. The two exceptions to this is a setting located in the menu where your default pet location is set (how far away they try to be when you have them out, which side you want the pet to attempt to locate itself, if they can wander when you’re not moving and if flying pets should remain on the ground. The other exception is if your pet has spells and abilities you can use. In this case the spells or abilities will be listed in your spellbook and can be dragged and dropped onto your quickslots.

    Mounts are designed to follow you at a distance when you are not currently mounted and may have to be called or re-summoned if they wander too far away. Mounts are not allowed inside building and you are required to dismount before entering a building. If you move to a location far enough away from your mount it will be un-summoned and will have to be re-summoned when you want to use them again (this includes when you cross the threshold of a building). You must dismount in order to interact with an item including talking to any NPC such as a blacksmith or enchanter. If your mount comes with a spell or ability you can use it will be auto populated to the first empty slot on your quickbar as long as one is available. You can assign a quickbar slot to be used instead of auto assignment. If you assign a quickslot for your mounts spell or ability it will remain empty when you are not mounted. Any spell or ability a mount has can only be used if you are currently mounted.



    Some aspects of Fantasy Toonz will require you to use an interface. Things such as modifying weapons at an enchanter or city building activities use interfaces to complete tasks. Your current toon will appear in game to be reading a map or book or some other animation while the interface is on your screen. Some interfaces (such as item modification) will only take up a portion of your screen while other such as city building will take up tour whole screen. If you access the settings menu you can change the transparency of these interfaces from completely opaque to a number of levels of transparency. The game does not pause while you are using an interface so be aware of your surroundings as the control for an interface you use will not allow you to use the regular game controls. Things such as on screen hit indicators will still function as normal to warn you of critical actions happening in the game.

    Some of the interfaces used in game are City Building, Crafting, Modifying Items, Shop or Store interfaces, Interacting with items or NPCs and Player Contracts.

    Location Controls


    Certain locations may have an effect on the controls you use. One example of this is arenas. Certain controls in arenas are disable such as your inventory. We will include more information on this as we decide what you can and cannot access in what locations.

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