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    There will be bonus rewards for the first five days of the kickstarter! The first day will have the best bonus rewards! If you back our kickstarter on the first day you will get all 5 rewards.. If you back us on the 3rd day you will get the last 3 rewards. If you wait until day 7 you won’t get any of the bonus rewards so back us as soon as you can!!

    The best way to contact us is Facebook or our Forums!

    Kickstarter Begins in…

    In the beginning…


    he Gods had always used magic as both a reward for obedience and as a punishment for disfavor to all the races of the land. The one thing they could never control was the fighting between the races. Tired of all the conflicts, the Gods stripped the races of magical powers, cast away the limits on magic and rained destruction down upon the world as punishment. The few remaining children were left to fend for themselves as the Gods seemed to have disappeared.


    he remaining children must band together to protect themselves from others. Attempting to reduce any more loss of life, it was agreed that each city would create an arena to allow their champions to compete against each other.. These arenas are the training grounds for a yearly competition (Seasons) of all the champions!

    Quick Dungeon Video.. I'll post a better one tonight!

    Dragon movement..

    Battle Royale

    Do not be sorry.. be better!




    – Leeroy Jenkins

    City Builder

    Not my city, but my kind of city!

    -Vikas Swarup

    Player Control


    -Charlie Sheen


    Unique Toonz


    Spells / Skills







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