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    Battle Royales take place in arenas. Each city in Fantasy Toonz has it’s own arena. There are also racial arenas located throughout the open world.  While each city may only have one arena location they can have multiple versions of their arena with different rules and environments. Open World arenas also come in multiple styles and rules that are determined by the Fantasy Toonz game itself.

    Anyone can enter a battle royale arena. The level of the arena you enter is determined by the maximum damage you can do with the spells you have equipped. Secondary determinations is done by the maximum amount of resistance you have averaged from all resistances.

    You can enter arena as a solo player or in groups of five players with a maximum of total players of 100. There are 2 major types of arenas.. practice matches and ranked matches.

    Every practice match has a price (in gold or auras) that must be paid to enter the match. Practice matches work the exact same way as Ranked matches with a few exception such as your match information has no effect on any of your ranking but will still be recorded under “Practice” in your options menu.

    Ranked arena matches will record your match information. Thing affected by your ranking includes city reputation, racial reputation, champion level and world ranking.

    Reputation levels determine many things in Fantasy Toonz such as ownership of land, the size of building you can have in each city, the ability to own a business in a city, how well you are received in a city, the price of items and services you purchase in a city and more. Racial reputation works in a very similar manner. Racial reputation also effects how you are treated in the open world by the races that control that area.


    Leaving a match for any reason is counted as a defeat. It does not matter if you rage quit, lost your connection to the internet or had to go eat dinner. There is only one exception to this rule and that is if the server you are on crashes due to a fault of our own, in which case all players will be restored to pre-match status. If you are defeated due to a lost connection to our servers you will still lose a random equipped item of your current Toon with the exception that the item you drop can be picked up by any remaining players in the arena.

    Defeat in Battle Royale

    Practice Arena Match

    Defeat in a practice battle royale consists of you being immediately being transported back to the lobby of an arena where your stats will be displayed on screen in front of you to review. Your stats for the match will be added to your collective practice information in the tab menu.

    Ranked Arena Match

    Defeat in a ranked arena match is a bit different. If you are playing solo then your Toon will drop one random item you have equipped on the Toon you were using when you were defeated. The item you dropped can only be picked up by the player that defeated you. If no one picks up the item you drop and the player that defeated you is defeated himself and trasported back to the lobby then the item you dropped is lost forever (possibly to be picked up by an enemy from a dungeon or out in the open world allowing your item to be dropped as random loot of an NPC enemy). You will then be transported back to the arena lobby where a screen will show the stats from your last match for you to review and your reputation levels and rankings will be updated with the new information. If you are part of a team and you are defeated you will fall to the ground and a timer will start giving you 5 seconds to be healer by one of your team members. If you are healed within those 5 seconds the match will continue for you as if you were not defeated. However if you are not healed within those 5 seconds you will drop one random item and be transported back to the arena lobby. If a player who is not on your team tags you while you are defeated you will be transported back to the arena lobby and any remaining time left to heal you will be transferred to the player that tagged you to extend the amount of time they have to be healed.

    Lets say you (player 1) were defeated and the heal timer starts. An enemy player (player 2) comes up and tags you when you have 4 seconds left to be healed. You are instantly transported back to the arena lobby. Player 2 is has now been defeated and falls to the ground but instead of 5 seconds remaining to be healed player 2 now has 9 seconds to be healed. Now lets say another enemy (player 3) comes up and tags player 2 with 7 seconds remaining on the heal timer. Now when player 3 gets defeated his heal timer will now start with 12 seconds.

    Winning in Battle Royale

    Practice Arena Match

    The top 5 winners of a practice match will each receive a tiered share of the gold or auras used as an entry fee to the arena match.

    Ranked Arena Match

    The top 3 teams or top 5 solo players of a ranked match will receive tiered rewards for their win in a ranked arena match. These rewards will be determined by the city the arena is located in. Also as a reward all increases to reputation levels will be increased on a tiered system up to a max increase of 50%. All dropped items you have picked up from players you have defeated will stay in your inventory regardless of what ranking you receive in a ranked match.

    Ranking in Battle Royale


    Each ranked arena match affects multiple ranking system. The first being the match rank itself. Match ranking affects your champion level and your ranking will be different for each city arena or racial arena you enter. Ranking is done on a 3 point system. The total numbers of players are divided into 3 sections. For example, with 100 players the ranking would be divided by 33. the bottom 33 players will lose 1 ranking point, the middle 33 players will neither earn or lose any ranking points and the top 33 players with gain 1 ranking point. But wait.. that leaves 1 player left.. yup, the top ranked player will gain 2 rank points. No matter the number of players in a match the top winning player or team will gain 2 points. In the case of team play the top player on the winning team will gain 3 points.

    Racial ranking is calculated differently. See the Toonz page for more information on racial ranking.

    Reputation in Battle Royale


    Champion ranking is calculated using the match ranking system mentioned above. Reputation ranking is determined in a different manner. When you register as a champion for a city that city becomes your home city and your reputation increase and decrease is determined by the players you defeat in an arena. If you are currently in an arena for your home city then you receive 3 reputation for each time you defeat another player. If the player you defeated a different home city you will gain 4 reputation for your home city. If you are defeated in your home arena you will lose 1 reputation with your home city. If the player that defeated you is from another city then you will lose 2 reputation.

    When you are in an arena that is not your home city then things are a bit different. Each time you defeat a player you gain 3 reputation with your home city and lose 1 reputation with the city arena you are in. If the player you defeated is from the city arena you are in that amount is doubled (gain 6 for home city and lose 2 for the city you are in). If you are defeated in another arena you will lose 1 reputation with your home city and if you are defeated by a player from that city then you lose 3 home reputation.

    Racial ranking is calculated differently. See the Toonz page for more information on racial ranking.

    Equipment in Battle Royale


    Equipment in an arena is pretty simple. You cannot change any equipment once a battle royale has started so choose wisely before you enter an arena. If you leave an arena match for any reason other than our server crashing it will be counted as a defeat. Any time you are defeated in an ranked arena you will drop one random equipped item. That item is only available to be picked up by the player that defeated you. In the case you quit the ranked match without any player defeating you the item you drop will be available for anyone to pick up. You cannot drop any item that is of Legendary or Exclusive quality. You can only equip a maximum of 4 Legendary and / or Exclusive items per Toon. Items dropped by players that you picked up in an arena will stay in your inventory even if you are defeated. Once you leave an arena any player dropped item you picked up are your property.


    Equipment you have picked up in an arena are yours to do with as you wish. You can add them to your guild bank (if implemented), destroy it, trade it (if implemented), use the item (as long as your Toon can equip it), modify it or sell it.

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