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    Basic item layout consists of a blank item.. either a weapon, armor or consumable. Weapons and armor items are of very similar layouts and contain three essential parts. The spell slot or slots, the aura slots and finally any additional benefits of the item.

    Most items contain a slot for a spell or multiple spells. Sometimes these slots are already filled with a default spell or skill. Some items such as the items you get from token will have empty slots available for you to add whatever spell or ability you would like. Once a slot has a spell or ability assigned to it you cannot change that spell or skill without going to an enchanter. The enchanter can either replace the spell or skill with another spell or skill while destroying the original spell or skill, or they can remove the spell or skill to be used in another item while destroying the item the spell or skill was originally taken from.


    Toon specific items – armor like Dragon Tail spike can only be used by Toonz with a tail. Claw weapons can only be used by toonz with hands.

    Non-Toon Specific items – items like a cloak or trinket can be worn by all classes

    Ranked Arena Matches

    When you defeat another toon they will drop an item they have equipped and you will be the only one that can pick that item up. When you are defeated you will drop one of your equipped items to the player who defeated you.

    You cannot change equipped items during an arena match. You cannot equipped a dropped item while you are in an arena match. Your inventory is not accessible during an arena match but any dropped item you do pick up will still be in your inventory even if you lose the match. These items can be used by your Toonz, you can destroy them for their spells or auras or you can have the spells removed from them by an enchanter (as long as those spells are not a permanent part of the item.)

    Legendary and exclusive Items

    Legendary and Exclusive items are special items that cannot be dropped. You can only have four of your items as Legendary or Exclusive per Toon. If you attempt to equip a fifth Legendary or Exclusive  you will not be able to do so until you unequip one of your current Legendary or Exclusive items.

    You can level up a Legendary or Exclusive item as much as you want as long as that item can increase in level. All Legendary and Exclusive Items that have been leveled up will be reset for each season. You can read more about why items reset on the “Seasons” page.

    Item Tokens

    There are two kinds of item tokens. Temporary or “regular” item tokens and permanent item tokens. Each item token is designed for a specific weapon or armor item. Some of these token (like the ones you get during our Kickstarter Campaign) are blank and upon first use you must assign a specific weapon or armor item. Temporary Item Tokens are consumed upon use. Permanent Item Tokens can be used as often as you want. Once an item is created it is exactly the same and follows the same rules as other items of it’s kind.

    Modifying Equipment

    In order to modify an item you must visit an enchanter. Enchanters can remove spells, add spells, remove auras, add auras (recharge), increase capacity and stack spells to increase the spell’s power.

    Enchanters can add a spells to blank items or add a secondary spell to an item that has more than one slot for spells. They can also remove a spell from an item in two different ways. If you want to keep the spell then the item will be destroyed. If you want to keep the item then the spell will be destroyed.

    Enchanters can add auras to your item (recharge) when you provide them or purchase them from the enchanter. Items start with one kind of auras determined by the spell on the item. A fireball spell will always start with fire auras. Enchanters can add the ability to use other auras with almost any item. You must provide or purchase the auras to be used and the amount will determine the capacity of that aura.

    Enchanters can increasing capacity of auras on an item when you provide them with the auras or purchase them from the enchanter. The increase of capacity can only be done if your item is completely charged or otherwise full of the current aura. The amount of the increase is determined by the number of auras you provide. Capacity increases are permanent and transfer from season to season.

    In order to increase the power of a spell on an item you must provide or purchase the same exact spell from the enchanter. There is no limit to the level of power a spell can become but be aware that every increase in power will require an increase in auras in order to cast the spell. If the aura capacity is 5 but the power of the spell is 6 you will not be able to cast that spell at all until you increase the capacity of the auras to at least 5.

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