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    Characters – Classes

    Toonz are not defined by classes. They are interchangeable between all the different rolls. Some Toonz are better at some things than others, but there are no “set in stone” classes. Instead, what defines Toonz from one another is the boost they give or get. Most boost are pretty obvious.. dragons are tough against magic and a stone golem is strong against physical damage. That being said you can increase these attributes in any Toon you like. You can make a Human just as tough as a Dragon. The fun of the game is for you to figure out what the boosts are for each of the Toonz you play!

    Characters – Races

    There will be a great number of races in Fantasy Toonz but they will not all be available right away.

    Dragon, human, troll, undead, golem, elf, dwarf, gnome, orc, goblin, ogre, kender, lupin, fairy, brownie, centaur, dryad, leprechaun, pixie, treant, gremlin, harpy, nixie (merrow),  minotaur, and more?

    Switching Characters

    You can change what Toon you are using at any time during gameplay. It doesn’t matter if you are in a city, dungeon, arena or the open world. There are some limitations to this tho. There is a tab in the options that allow you to set which Toonz you use for the area you are in. Switching between Toonz is as easy as pressing your “Q” or “E” key or clicking on the left or right trigger of your controller.

    When you are in a city or the open world you can switch to any Toon you currently own. Be careful tho, if you switch to a Toon that has a low or negative reputation for the area or city you are in you will be attacked by those that surround you. In cities you will receive an instant bounty on your head and will be hunted.

    When you are in an arena or dungeon you are restricted to the use of three Toonz of your choosing. When you first enter an arena or dungeon an option will appear on your screen showing what Toonz you have chosen to use in that arena and the option to change them before you enter the arena or dungeon. You will not actually que to the arena or dungeon until you have verified which Toonz you want to use.

    Toon Combos and Spell Combos

    Toonz all have special abilities available to them depending on what other Toonz are around them. When you have two or more players using Toonz that have the same special abilities you will be able to combine the tow Toonz to complete the combo and create more powerful attacks. For instance.. if you have a Dragon, Rock Golem and Mage all playing together as a team they gain the Flaming Rock Ability. When all three players use this ability the Rock Golem will ball up into a large clump of rocks, the Dragon will set this clump of rocks on fire with it’s breath and the Mage will send it hurtling towards their enemy like a meteor falling from the sky. The power of this attack is determined by an secret algorithm of the three Toonz. The Auras of the three Toonz will also be combined to determine the effect and strength the spell will have on anyone unlucky enough to be standing in it’s path.

    Combos can also be use solo when you have certain mounts or pets summoned. For example, when the fairy has the unicorn pet out you have a shield spell where the unicorn tried to swallow the fairy causing no damage to the fairy. The unicorn then spits the fairy out when there is no longer a danger of being hit.

    The last kind of combos are the traditional type where certain spells or abilities are chained together to create a very powerful attack at the end of the combination. This can be achieved by the use of certain weapons or spells used together.

    Do you think you can find all of the combinations in the game? I think not.. as a matter of fact there will be an achievement for the first player who discovers all of the combos in the game and an award to fit the difficulty of finding all those combos.

    Character Stories

    Every Toon has it’s own background story. If the stretch goal is unlocked you get to play out that Toonz story for a chance to receive that Toonz spell, special skill or extremely rare legendary item. There is also a higher chance of resources in the character stories that are specific to the Toon you are playing. Sometimes it is quicker to play the background story to gain certain resources or mats than to go find them in the open world or a dungeon.

    Each Story will play out how the Toon came to be in the world as it is now. Anything from coming from a distant land, fighting the Gods themselves before the cataclysm to even arriving from space from some far away world. The Character stories are also a great place to look for clues to easter eggs hidden in the game such as the clue that leads to Mr Voodoo’s old teacher so that he can teach Mr Voodoo a new emote, dance or ability.

    All boss Toonz require that you play their story before you can use that Toon.

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