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    City Building

    • Simulated years, seasons, day cycles and weather.
    • Natural disasters.
    • Build your defenses to protect your city.
    • Organic city layouts let you plan and make your city in a realistic way.
    • Wonders of the world including world bosses.
    • Politics, religion, social classes and family structures.
    • Economy, resource management and production chains including clothing, tools, food, wares, etc…
    • Buildings and resources decay. No more bread lasting for years!
    • Simulated world context and migrations.
      Different factions use trading, fighting and influence to dominate the world.
    • Being able to delegate parts of your city control to other people.

    City owners build their city by placing plots for industry, retail and residences. Players move to town and populate it, work in it, buy and sell in it.

    Create your own buildings or select from presets.

    Resources players collect are sold at different prices in different cities depending on each cities needs (assigned by the city owner).

    Manage the city resources to keep your player residents happy, healthy and safe.

    City quests created by players help create a world full of stories. Did you build near mountains where giants are attracted from time to time? Create a quest for player to go kill a few before they have time to amass and attack your city. Another city has more resources than your? Create some quests requiring players to steal some of those resources for you! If you want the theft to be a secret then make sure you require thieves to do it. Did a player in an arena totally own you? Put a contract out on them!


    Create slums in  town for cheap, easy labor or fighters. Add ritzy private areas for the wealthy players to relax in. You’re going to need players to run shops with the type of items your citizens need. Fancy taverns for the rich, cheap food for the adventurer. How far does one need to travel to get that expensive painting for your home? Is someone selling that new, cool looking sword that just came out? It’s not enough to just open up shop, you have to recruit the right kind of players to your city to provide the right kind of items your citizens want.


    The Gods may have disappeared but that doesn’t mean you should neglect them.. Do you have the right Shrines and temples for the Gods you want to appease? Will people get a benefit for having those temples there?

    Shrines and Temples also help with the morals of you town. Placing things that appease lawful gods will help your city keep justice, places that appease Gods of wine and fun makes festivals and events that much cheaper for the city to throw. Temples to Gods of deceit make player contracts easier to accomplish. The more players that use these temples (to pray and donate) the stronger the bonus will be. If all your players pray and donate to the wine god then your drinks at the tavern will cost near nothing, will last longer to quench the throat and will earn the barkeep twice as much in profit. You get the idea..

    The effects of using religion in your city is influenced by your citizens belief.. not from the Gods themselves. Remember.. the Gods left.


    Where you build affects a lot of things in the game. If you have a Dwarven underground city then minerals and metals are much more plentiful than say fruits. Creating trade with other cities just might be the key to a successful city.. Specific resources are plentiful in some areas and not so much in others. It’s hard find wood to build houses when you live underground. It’s easier to find stone for roads if you live near a mountain. Fish for the use in potions is plentiful near the water. Rare species are found in rare areas.

    We have not even begun with entertainment.. why sit around in a tavern if there isn’t something interesting there. Good conversation just might be the thing. Maybe hire a bard to sing tales of your local champion. Are you going to reserve a place in your city for games and gambling? Will that increase the amount of crime?

    What are you going to do when you have criminals? Will you have a jail to house them in? Will you have public displays of punishment? Place a Toon in the stocks and turn it into a tomato throwing game..

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