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    MMO in a Battle Royale?

    MMOs provide a sense of community and working as a team to accomplish goals. Slower game pace as you’re not always in battles.

    Becoming part of the game
    Ability to change the environment
    Reliable source of resources
    Multiple levels of interaction
    Broader range of players
    Broader range of accomplishments


    Both MMOs and Battle Royales have benefits that many gamers enjoy. They are both quite different types of games. Our goal with Fantasy Toonz is to bridge together the greatest aspects of both genres to create a game that anyone can play comfortably. By integrating both forms of gameplay you get to enjoy both while the rewards are shared.

    One of the biggest things we at Brat Gaming have noticed is that most gamers play multiple games but the rewards for each as confined to the specific game you are playing. Fantasy Toonz is implementing a new system of gameplay where your rewards in one game can be used in any of our current and future games. Purchased a new pet in Fantasy Toons but you want to use it in another game? Fantasy Toonz allows you to bring your game items to any other game Brat Gaming makes.. current and future.

    The beginning of this new system is Fantasy Toonz and it starts with combining multiple gameplay mechanics in our first game. Need a break from playing Battle Royale Arenas? Go run a few dungeons with your guild. Have a fantastic pet you purchased in Fantasy Toonz that you want to bring over to Playas.Life? Do it!

    Battle Royals provide fast paced gameplay with quick rewards, the ability to stand out from other players, etc..

    Great for streaming!
    Instant Matchmaking
    All enemies are human
    Simple learning curve
    Fairness due to randomness
    Free to play model

    Great Backstory


    One of the greatest assets to an MMO is a great backstory. The backstory to Fantasy Toonz eliminates the issue most MMOs have with an end game system. How many times have you completed everything there is to do in an MMO and you are left waiting for the next expansion pack to come out? Bringing a post-apocolyptic story to a fantasy RPG creates a fantastic environment to allow players to do away with limits on their character and items that create an end game system. We have removed the limits placed on item and magic which allows you to grow as strong as you want and allows new players a chance to advanced to a higher level than most MMOs offer because you don’t need to have the best crafted equipment to get the best random drop equipment.. there is no “best” equipment in Fantasy Toons. The open world allows players to roam acroos the land and find out more about the lore of Fantasy Toons and what happened before the great cataclysm that happened when the Gods left their children in the dust and ruins of what was left. Allowing players to change the world around themselves and to make the rules of their individual cities allow the players to create the next phase of the story themselves. Most backstrories in MMO actually restrict and define how the next expansion gets played out. You are allowed the freedom to explore but only in the ways the devs have programmed into the game itself. We want the players to create the storyline. What player will step up and complete the most player contracts.. who will have the highest bounty on their head.. who will go down in history as the hardest player to kill, the greatest champion of each city? The best store to get the weapons you need. The more effort you put into Fantasy Toonz the more famous you will become as the game creates it’s own stories. A perfect example of this is Leeroy Jenkins.

    Quests? More like farming…


    Questing has always seemed like something used to mask the repetitive needs farming that many an MMO use to extend gameplay. The only time you should have to farm to progress is when you enjoy farming.. like in a crafting system. Our questing system is in place to create a storytelling situation. Questing is used to explore the story and get closer to the Toonz you are playing. While you can get some pretty neat items from questing in Fantasy Toonz it is still completely optional. The best thing about questing? Letting the players create their own quests. Using player contracts you can create your own quests for players to enjoy.

    In-Game Economy


    Seriously.. how can you have an MMO without a player driven economy? Fantasy Toonz is changing the in-game economy in the only way that makes sense.. to support the dreams of the players themselves. Currency used in Fantasy Toonz goes to the players in an unusual way.. Taxes! LOL! That’s right, your taxes go to the player created city you buy and sell in. The players that own the cities then use that money to expand their city for more housing and shops, to hire guards to patrol and protect, walls to keep out the riffraff, to keep the streets clean and repaired, and much more. Allowing the players to build their city like a city builder game create a unique way of playing for those that might not be into just PVP fighting.

    Balanced Classes


    One of the hardest aspects of an MMO is balancing the different classes. Fantasy Toonz has overcome that hurdle by allowing all players to play as all classes at any time. This way the only difference in balancing classes is left to the Spells and Skills on items you equip. With no limits on how strong or powerful you can make your items the players decide on what item, spell or skill is the most powerful. Simply increase the power or capacity of your items or add different types of auras to create unknown combinations of damage. You can even combines multiple spells to create completely new spells that other players are completely unprepared for. What will you create?

    No Pay to Win


    Pay to win in the surest sign of greedy developers and publishers. You will never see a loot chest in Fantasy Toonz. You cannot buy spells, skills or power unless it is from a vendor for in game gold. The items sold in the game store are limited to cosmetic or convenience, but never about power or strength.

    Free to Play or Subscription?


    The great debate.. Let’s be honest, payment systems are a bitch. It’s basically a fight between the developers trying to make money and the players trying to get the most for their money. It is something that has to happen in one manner or another. If the payment system favors the developer you end up with pay to win, less players playing and horrible things like loot chests. If it favors the player then there is less money to create new content and the gameplay suffers and becomes boring. Some of the best games have been ruined from the use of the wrong kind of payment system. Some of the greatest games thrive because they find the perfect system for the players and the game. Many games change their payment systems because they are wrong and create too many issues.

    Fantasy Toonz is implementing a multiple payment system to try to find the best situation between the developers and the players. Our payment system consists of three individual payment system available to all players. The three systems consist of free to play, outright purchase and Season based systems.

    Our free to play system allows anyone to play the game and enjoy the fun aspects of our battle royale system. It does come with a few restriction as all free to play systems do. Although you can change equipment and cosmetic items those changes will not be seen by other players in the game. You can dress up your Toon with the latest and greatest armor and weapons but you will be the only one that sees the changes taking place. To everyone else you will appear to be exactly the same as the base Toon in the game you start with on day one. Another restriction is the ability to own property or operate a retail establishment such as a blacksmith, enchanter or tavern.

    Our outright purchase system means that you purchase the game for a set price ($45 without discount at this present time). This outright purchase of the game removes all the restriction that the free to play model enforces and allows you to participate in every aspect of the game. The only restriction of this model is the  prize systems.

    The season payment system consists of paying a small fee (currently $10) each time a new season begins. The benefit of purchasing the season pass is that you will be rewarded for your wins with more than just fame, auras and gold. We will be awarding many things in the seasonal system such as items that are being released into the next season, passes to the next season, cash prizes and even real word items such as computer systems and accessories such as desks, chairs, mugs, hats and much more.

    You can purchase season passes even if you are a free to play account. You can also purchase the game and never buy a season pass.

    Anyone can participate in seasonal play. The only exception is that free to play players cannot participate in the season finals. Instead the highest ranked free to play players will receive honorable mentions at the beginning of the season finals and cannot become solo champions or champion teams for any city or race.

    Content Updates


    Regular updates and new content will be added to the game without having to create a whole new expansion pack. Simply create the new arenas, items, spells, skills and add them to the game. Players will help evolve the game as time passes and therefore create their own story to further the game along. Adding events and holidays each year to keep the holiday spirit alive!

    One of the great things about Fantasy Toonz being part of the Brat Gaming system is that Brat Gaming is creating an educational pilot program with the help of the city of Henderson, Las Vegas, Reno, the State of Nevada and UNLV system in which we will be training high school and college students in all aspects of computer game programming. Part of this training will be creating new content for our games. This will allow these students to be spotlighted in our games as creators of new content and a portion of any sales generated will go to paying for their education in the gaming industry. We appreciate all the support our gaming community provides to these students! Our plans including expanding this program throughout the United States as the pilot program succeeds.


    Some other things Fantasy Toonz brings to the table..

    Unique dungeons settings where players can Que to play as the boss and maybe even win the boss as a playable Toon.

    Great Loot.. Players create the loot with the combinations of Spells, skills and auras they add to their item.. changing colors by using different auras and changing effects by using different spells.

    Local event created my players in the form of player contracts. Hire other players to do your dirty work for you. Sick of that idiot mouthing off in chat everyday? put a contract out for him every time he starts to spam the chat channel.

    Multiple ways to play. Play for free with sensible limits to game play such as no cosmetic changes and other restrictions that do not affect actual game mechanics. Buy one with no monthly fee allow the player with the full game experience for one set price.. buy the game and never pay another dime if you don’t want to. Season Passes.. Buy yourself a season pass to enjoy all the same aspects of the game as everyone else but win prizes while doing so. Prizes ranging from real life cash to computers and equipment or even in-game exclusive items.

    Create a community environment. Fantasy Toonz caters to specific groups of players, not anyone and everyone we can get to play. Instead of making one specific style of game such as Battle Royale, we crate multiple games together to cater to a larger base of players while still keeping with our niche players. PVP players need the help of MMO players for their every day needs like new equipment, supplies for crafting, potions, housing items and more. MMO players need the help of Battle Royale players to get their city reputation up so they attract more players to live in the city, which gives them more currency in the form of taxes, so they can expand cities further and gain more perks for their city.

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