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    The Demo is Now available!

    Before you download, please understand and agree to the following:

    1. You are either 18 years of age, older or have your parent’s or guardian’s permission to download and play Fantasy Toons.
    2. This is a PRE-ALPHA version of the single player part of the game. Meaning anything and everything may change before final release.
    3. We do NOT require an NDA but in exchange we ask that you post a message (with screenshots) of any errors to our facebook page.
    4. We ask that you please participate in our kickstarter campaign and become one of our backers.
    5. We ask that you tell anyone and everyone about Fantasy Toonz.
    6. The more backers we have, the more money we have to hire more programmers / artists. This means a faster development cycle and in turn a sooner release date. Pass the word!

    Download the Demo(Windows 64-Bit)

    [TAB] equips/unequips weapons; [F] picks up loot

    A small note on the download. We didn’t create an install program yet so open up the folder where you downloaded the game, unzip it and click on the file labeled “FantasyToonzDemo” to enjoy the demo!

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